On Remembrance Day, Colonel Atkinson visited the school to talk about Remembrance Day from a soldier’s point of view. First, he spoke to Owl and Badgers class explaining why we remember. He also gave an insight to why it is important to him and other current soldiers serving. Owls and Badgers got to ask lots of questions and see different equipment soldiers use, as well as his medals. 

In Rabbits class Colonel Atkinson spoke to the rabbits and squirrels about why we use this day to remember. They also got to see and touch his medals and ask any questions about being a soldier. 

In the afternoon Owls class got the chance to test and try on some of his military equipment. They tried on helmets, night vision headsets and tested image stabilising binoculars. 

It was great to have a real-life soldier in our school to give different perceptions to such an important day. 

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