Badgers and Birds

Telling Stories through drawing and making

Badgers Class looked at the work of Rosie Hurley. Her delicate models are photographed and used to tell a story in place of traditional 2D drawings. The children used her work to help them develop and make a sculptural character from the book, ‘The Minpins’. Our chosen character was one of the Minpin birds. Some children created their own type of bird whilst others made a sculpture of a British garden or woodland bird such as a Woodpecker. First, the children designed their own bird taking inspiration from the illustrations in Roald Dahl’s book. The children made clay bodies and used cardboard for the wings and tail. They covered the clay and cardboard with torn, coloured tissue paper and left them to dry. Next, the children added feathers to the bird’s bodies and wings. They glued on googly eyes and finally the wings and tail were attached to the bird.

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