School Opening Hours

The School is open to the children from:

Term time

8.40am Owls and their siblings

8.50am- -All other children-

Home Time

3pm Rabbits and Squirrels- (From week commencing 19th September 2022) 

3.15pm Owls and Badgers-

These times are staggered to ease congestion on the road and in the car park, thank you for your understanding.

Mornings: Staff are available to supervise your children during these times.

School hours are 9 – 3.15

Breakfast Club starts from 7.45am and is available to all children. After school clubs from from 3.15-4.15pm.

The children should bring a coat for break time for any changes in the weather.

Reception and Key Stage 1 (Rabbits and Squirrels)

Registration 9.00

Lessons 9.00-10.40

Break 10.40 – 11.00

Lessons 11.00-12.00

Lunch 12.00-1.00

Registration 1.00


Break 2.25-2.40

3pm:  Home

Key Stage 2 (Badgers and Owls) 

Registration 9.00

Lessons 9.00 – 10.20

Break 10.20-10.40

Lessons 10.40 – 12.00

Lunch 12.05 – 1.00

Registration 1.00

Lessons 1.00 – 3.10

3.15 Home