Family Service

The children to take part in Five Family Services across the School Year with Mrs White (P.C.C).

They are a fantastic opportunity for the children to learn and practice Public Speaking, Presentation, Drama and Confidence building skills.  The children really enjoy taking part in these services and some of our older children that have moved on to Middle School also enjoy coming back for the services. Mrs White will always be happy for them to take part, if they wish.

The year 4 children attend an end of year Pilgrimage Family Service which they lead.

The children took part in the Christingle Service in December and the special June Family Service to support the Church’s Gift Day.

They received a lovely thank you.

Church thank you

Easter Garden Competition.  St Mary’s Church Berkley

We were invited to design and make a 3d  mini Easter Garden. It could be on a tray or in a shoe box or in any other form. It could be made one by a child or with a friend or with your family.

Remembrance Sunday

Berkley children also took part in the Frome Town Memorial service – 100 years 2018