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Berkley First School is very much an active community.  Pupils, parents / carers and staff at school are all important ‘stakeholders’ and we want everyone to have their say, to express their ideas and to keep on making our learning community a great place to be.

Parents Forum – Have your say and read some of our parental testimonials.

You don’t need to leave your name for the forum question and all answers are private and confidential but it would be useful to know what year group your child or children are in.

Thank you.

Parental Survey 2020

Summary of Responses from the Consultative Parental Survey

Your feedback is really important to Berkley School and helps us to make improvements to the day-to-day running of the school.

Have a look at the ‘Curriculum’ section of the website in which gives a good overview of what your child is learning this term and how you can help at home.

There are certain areas that I as a headteacher would welcome having a more in-depth parent prospective. I am sure there are also areas/issues that you as parents would like to discuss in more detail. It is also a chance to innovate and come up with new ideas for the school. If you would like to make any suggestions about how the every day running of the school could be improved, or perhaps you would like to share with us something you think we are doing really well please come along to the meet and greet meetings I hold every half term.

 Parental Testimonials taken from questionnaires in regard to how we are doing!

‘A happy environment where children can flourish’

‘It is a very friendly and approachable school and the teachers really seem to care and take a great interest in my child’s education and wellbeing’

‘I love the close knit feelings among the pupils’

‘The school is excellent at teaching children and my children are flourishing.  I cannot praise the staff enough.  They are all motivated and in turn are able to pass this on to the pupils’

‘My child loves going to church and comes home singing the songs to her little sister and telling her all about it’.

‘Excellent staff, emphasis on being environmentally responsible’.

‘Teachers are always approachable and make great suggestions to help’

‘Friendly staff, lovely polite children – I like that they are involved in the church environment’

‘Our daughter loves school and everything involved in her school life. She is thriving, happy and talks constantly about many things that have happened during her day. She talks with such enthusiasm, it’s a pleasure to listen to’.

 ‘My child thrives at school through the support and encouragement she is given by teachers and support staff’

We want to be a school that listens and want you to have your say!

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