School council

The School Council are a group of children voted from each year group in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.  They work as the voice of the children within the school.  They meet at various points each term with Mr Banton. The children have undertaken several projects to benefit both the children, parents and community of our school. They have Produced a Health and Safety Booklet, made and an E-Safety presentation, worked with other school councils’ sharing ideas and have planned changes to the school environment. Their most recent project was making a virtual tour of the school for the web site.  You will find it on our front page.  It is fantastic and all their own work!

school council04

Some of their other projects have been.

Sorting out problems with children playing in and around the toilets. It was their decision to elect themselves as toilet monitors and make sure children were using this area sensibly. They worked very hard giving up their break times for this cause.

Working alongside Dr Tom Robson and becoming learning detectives.  They did this with a few  children from Beckington School. They investigated different gem powers that can make a good learner. They investigated classrooms within Berkley and Beckington to observe how well the children were using these powers and also where they could improve.

Creating something that could educate the children of Berkley School.  They decided to create a PowerPoint presentation displaying e-safety rules. They also created a short dramatic performance which demonstrated how easy it is to find yourself in potentially dangerous situations online and how important it is to stick to the e-safety rules. They worked very hard on this and performed it brilliantly in front of the entire school on e-safety day.

They talked to the children and carried out a survey about hot school meals.

They have discussed the School’s new Behavior Rules.

School Council Report 

School Council Report

School Council Minutes

School council minutes 18.6.19

Katie and Mia’s powerpoint presentation to share with the school about e-safety.

E Safety Powerpoint