Golden Rules

Berkley School Behaviour System

Going for Gold!

. We are gentle – we don’t hurt others.

. We are kind and helpful – we don’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

. We listen – we don’t interrupt.

. We are honest – we don’t cover up the truth.

. We work hard – we don’t waste our own or others time.

. We look after things – we don’t waste or damage things.

Going for gold is our Class Behaviour System.

Each class has a large pocketed chart. Each child has a pocket on the chart for the cards.

Green – all children start on a green card at the beginning of each day. If they are good/keep the rules the children will stay on green.

Yellow – a yellow card indicates a warning has been given for breaking a rule.  A maximum of 2 yellow cards will be given.

All adults will be given yellow cards. If behaviour is poor at playtime/lunchtime/assemblies etc.. adults will issue a yellow card, writing the name of the child on it and giving it to the class teacher.

Red – if a child receives a red card they will miss minutes off their play. The time span will vary depending on the age of the child.

If a child receives 3 red cards in a week, a letter will be sent home to their parents about his/her behaviour.

If a child receives regular red cards then their parents will be asked to come in for a meeting with the Headteacher.

An internal exclusion would apply e.g. detention.

Persistent bad behaviour may result in an external exclusion.

If behaviour and attitude  is particularly or persistently good then other cards will be issued.

Silver- Silver cards are given for good behaviour, good work, following instruction and so on. Two silver cards are exchanged for a gold card.

Gold – When a gold card is given a sticker is put on the sticker chart. When 10 stickers have been collected the children can choose a prize.

Adults on duty will also carry stickers to praise good behaviour at playtime and lunchtime