Badgers Apple Trip

We had another great field trip to the Apple store. Badger Class learnt how to use Garageband and make music and record it . They were able to bring their work home on a memory stick to share and they received a certificate and a t-shirt. They had great fun singing on the bus on the way home !


Eloise and Luke

George and Leah

Harrison and Libby

Henry and Freya

Jessica and Elliot

Maddie and Charley

Mia and Fraizer

Rowan and Elodie


Billy and Katie

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  1. Did you see my dad ? Ellis

    That was cool when you sang on the bus . Isaac

    Did you have fun at the Apple store. Beau

    The songs were awesome on the bus . Casey

    I liked the song when you were singing and I hope you had a great time at the apple store . Harrie

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