Trip to Carymoor

What a great day at Carymoor Environmental Centre.. Rabbits Class were excited to wave us off.

Squirrels Class had a cross-curricular experience to bring the story of the 3 little pigs alive.

There were story-themed crafts, games and team challenges. They re-capped the story, explored different materials and properties. There were 8 stations where they could put their hands in a box to feel and guess if the materials were suitable for building a house. Team work was put to the test building a mini house with sticks, straw and clay. They went in the replica Round House. They then built a shelter using willow sticks and had to make sure it was waterproof and wolf proof.

Badgers Class  experienced what it would be like to be a victim of a natural disaster.

They had to think about their needs and priorities in a disaster situation and to work together. They took part in team building challenges in shelter building and water capture techniques. They explored the site using tracks and signs for orienteering They also cooked bread over the campfire.

We also managed to squeeze in lunch on a very busy sunny day.

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