Badgers Class Spring Performance

Badgers Class entertained their families and the whole school with a musical called ‘Flutterpillar.’ Flutterpillar is about a caterpillar who wishes he could be a butterfly. He tries fluttering his legs but that just makes his animal friends laugh. “You’ll never be a butterfly” they say, “You’ve got no wings!”

Wanting a better view of the butterflies, Flutterpillar climbs up into a bush. As he hides amongst the leaves to keep safe, something magical happens! His caterpillar skin starts to shed and a chrysalis begins to form. Safe within his chrysalis, Flutterpillar has a good rest. When it’s time for him to wake up, he has turned into a beautiful butterfly! His dream had come true!

Badgers Class performance was amazing! The children sang the songs beautifully and everyone read their words loudly and clearly. The show was a fantastic success! A triumph! Well done!

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