Welly Walk

For harvest this year, we have decided to raise money for Farm Africa. We are going to ‘Give hunger the boot’ through doing a sponsored walk. Farm Africa will use the money raised to help African farmers learn new skills, grow new crops and feed their families. There are many families in Eastern Africa where the children go to bed hungry because their families haven’t been able to provide them with enough food. The children took part in a sponsored welly walk with Beckington School.

We had a lovely sunny time on our welly walk. Some children arrived at Beckington earlier so we went to visit Beckington church and see what we could see the same or different to our church. We met up with the children from Beckington School and off we went. We walked the Beckington loop which took us across the fields and down the lanes of Beckington and took about an hour.

We have raised over £1000 to date.

Berkley made a giant step forward to give hunger the boot!


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