The Great Fire of London Re-enactment at Berkley

Badger’s Class have been learning about the Great Fire of London this term. They learned about the lives of people in 17th Century and compared London today with London in 1666. They discovered that it was a very different place! Badger’s learned how the fire began in Pudding Lane in Farriner’s bakery and how it quickly spread, rapidly burning through the wooden houses and eventually, after four days, destroying most of London. They also learned about Samuel Pepys and how he recorded eyewitness details of both the Great Plague and the Great Fire of London in his famous diary. To complete our topic, we created a fantastic re-enactment of the Great Fire by burning a model of Pudding Lane. It looked amazing! and the children had a brilliant time! Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen by creating their terrific Tudor houses! After looking at the photographs there is a video to watch. 

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