Take One Picture Art Exhibition

Our ’Take One Artist’ for the whole school was Willliam Holman Hunt and the picture ‘Strayed Sheep’. We exhibited our art in the class rooms and in the church.

Rabbits Class

We identified our favourite parts of the painting and then enjoyed recreating our own art! We used water colour paints, different materials, textured paint and collected wild flowers which we pressed and stuck on for a 3d effect.

Badgers Class

Badgers class focused on one corner of the painting of the Strayed Sheep. We began by looking at the detailed wild flowers and the varied textures of the landscape and then started to explore mark-making. We looked at Vincent Van Gogh who used different marks to create his drawings and paintings. We made observation drawings of shells and plants using pen and tried to incorporate some of the marks that Van Gogh used. Our final piece needed to include various types of mark-making as well as colour. For inspiration, we looked at a textile artist called Hannah Rae. She uses mixed media such as painting, dyeing and embroidery to create her artworks. We began our project by painting a background on calico closely matching the colours in Hunt’s painting. Then we drew detailed line drawings I black pen, of wild flowers over the painted background. Finally, we used coloured thread to create marks on the background. The results were amazing!

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