Road Campaign: WE DID IT!


We did it! The council have agreed to implement a speed limit!

We had a very positive meeting with Council Highways and the Police last Thursday. The following morning we were sent a press release saying that the council will be trialling a new government 20mph advisory outside the school. This is as an interim measure to a permanent scheme later in the year/early next.

The 20mph speed limit will be in force at drop off and pick up times and possibly also at times when there are services etc. These will be two big flashing 20mph lights on either side of the road where the existing wigwags currently are. They hope to have this in place before the end of the summer term. They will then do further speed readings and implement a permanent lower speed limit as part of the local transport plan which is where the funding for the scheme will be made available.

All this will be published in the Standard this week. But there is a brief synopsis here:

We had felt a little discouraged at the beginning of last week after seeing the letters that Matthew Ellis published in the local papers. But clearly there has now been a very swift turn around on this by the powers that be and finally something is getting done.

We would just like to say a great BIG thank you to each and every one of you – children, parents and teachers alike. Without all your support and letter writing, we do not think this would have ever happened. It just shows what people power can achieve!

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