Progressing with our game making

The Year 1 in Squirrels learnt how to give instructions to make an object move when clicked. They were so thrilled when they also learnt that their game will be on the school website. They made two games for you to play. You need to click on the objects to make them move. In the space scene some of the children were able to add drawing to the background.

Ellis  1       Ellis 2

Archie 1    Archie 2

Alexa 1      Alexa 2

Lola 1        Lola 2

Beau 1      Beau 2

Rylee 1     Rylee 2

Clark 1      Clark 2

Emily 1      Emily 2

Isaac 1      Isaac 2

Harry 1     Harry 2

Casey 1

Loretta 1

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