Everyone is a Scientist.

Science ‘Attainment Target 1’ (AT1) days happen three times a year across the whole school. These days create a real ‘buzz’ amongst the children and the staff, who participate in recording, enjoy witnessing the progress across the school as well as progress of individual children across time. The same investigation is carried out and levelled across all the key stages. Science Attainment Target 1 is about processing skills: Raising questions, Predicting, Observation, Planning a ‘fair test’ investigation, Writing conclusions and Presenting data and Evaluating the evidence. One of these areas is the focus on each occasion, on a rolling programme, so that over a two year period each of the six areas is visited. This allows for comparison of children between areas of processing skills as well as their progress in individual areas of processing skills across time. During the AT1 task, relevant verbal comments are recorded for all children by TA’s allowing therefore for a true reflection of each individual child’s scientific understanding, rather than their level of physical recording. Only the older children are required to use written recordings and these are in addition to the verbal recordings, not in place of them.

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