E-Safety Radio Show with Futurform and Anderton Tiger Radio

A group of children went to Oakfield school to produce a radio show. There were 120 children from 6 schools across Frome. They divided up into 10 groups choosing the subject they wanted to talk about from news, e-safety, sports, weather, interviews with guests and celeb gossip !!! You can listen to the radio show clicking the link below. The performances were outstanding. Watching their confidence grow over the day with the rehearsals and collaboration with children from other schools will give them skills for life.

Russell Prue said “apart from a rapid improvement in speaking and listening, the young people had to face their anxieties and fears.  Live radio provides no undo tool, coping with a mistake is inevitable and develops resilience.  Self-esteem is also elevated, as there’s a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.”.

The day was a great success and it was a privelege for Mr Banton and Mrs Hirons to spend the day with the children.

Thank you to Mr Kirby for popping to see them . They were thrilled !

Thank you if you listened as it was showing how many were tuned in and the numbers kept going up. This was very exciting for the children and they didn’t lose any listeners ! All of Berkley children were tuned in at school . Also thank you for your support in sending in texts. Berkley School had the most mentions !!


Blogs about the day from two children. 

When I went on the radio I was nervous to say something I thought I might get it wrong but when I talked about the news I was proud of myself when I finished. I enjoyed the day as I had friends to keep me company and we played games. Mr Banton helped me with my words and Mrs Hirons said come on boys you can do it for Berkley!

Last Thursday I went on the radio at Oakfield school. It was for e-safety.  I was talking about Donald Trump.  I loved it there, it made me remember about my first time on the radio at Westwood school. I want to give a big thank you to Mrs Hirons and Mr Banton for looking after me.

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