CSI Wow day!

All the children in school became CSI investigators today.

The Rabbits and Squirrels CSI children investigated who had been digging in Mrs Rayner’s vegetable patch and left a terrible mess? They found a selection of footprints, fur and feathers as well as some ‘Poop’ left behind by several different animals (cooked up the day before!). They collected samples of the evidence left behind (the ‘Poop’ as photographs) and then analysed them in the CSI laboratory (Owls class room). It appeared that there was a complete set of rabbit evidence. The children decided that maybe the culprit might return to the scene and they crept outside to try to catch the guilty party. Who was hiding outside eating carrots?………… No less than Berkley Bunny. On further discussion it was decided that he had been lonely at the weekend as no one from Rabbits class had taken him home. (This normally happens, as each child in turn takes him home over the weekend and records what activities he carries out and the child when they return on Monday morning then tells the class all about their adventures together) Berkley Bunny had obviously been bored and hungry and although he was given a red card at first he was forgiven. Our thanks goes to the year 4 children who became CSI supervisors during this activity and helped it to be a great success.

The Badgers and Owls became CSI investigators themselves in the afternoon when on returning to her classroom Mrs Langton found Hamish her toy dog missing and a ransom note in its place. There was also a fingerprint and a footprint left behind by the culprit. The CSI investigators decided that they needed to collect a sample footprint and finger print from 8 adult suspects who may have taken Hamish. They also asked the suspects to write the word ‘and’ which appeared frequently in the ransom note and collected the suspects favourite pen to analyse the ink it contained. These items were compared with those collected from the crime scene and it was found that Mrs James had been the culprit!!!! However it was clear from the ransom note that her reasons for dognapping Hamish were due to her concerns about Mrs Langton abandoning Hamish at school!!

In the afternoon the local community policeman came to visit Rabbits and Squirrels.

A fun time was had by all.



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