Curriculum – R.E.


Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development

Essential characteristics of Religious Education

•An outstanding level of religious understanding and knowledge.

•A thorough engagement with a range of ultimate questions about the meaning and significance of existence.

•The ability to ask significant and highly reflective questions about religion and demonstrate an excellent understanding of issues related to the nature, truth and value of religion.

•A strong understanding of how the beliefs, values, practices and ways of life within any religion cohere together.

•Exceptional independence; the ability to think for themselves and take the initiative in, for example, asking questions, carrying out investigations, evaluating ideas and working constructively with others.

•Significant levels of originality, imagination or creativity, which are shown in their responses to their learning in RE.

•The ability to link the study of religion and belief to personal reflections on meaning and purpose.

Religious Education is an integral part of the life within Berkley C of E First School. For our full Berkley School SIAMS Report for March 2016  Parents have a right to withdraw their child from R.E. but should consult the head teacher to discuss any implications.

2019 – 2020

Autumn Term 2 Christian value – COURAGE – Home School Challenge on Courage

This term our focus will be on ‘Courage’. The children will learn that there are different types of courage and hear stories based on this theme. The children will also get the chance to reflect on their own courage and others e.g. Children in need. Please support us by discussing a child you know who has shown courage, filling in the form provided on the ‘Courage home school value sheet’ and send back into school to share with the class and create a whole school display, we look forward to seeing them.

Autumn Term 1 – Christian Value RESPECT – Find your Home School Challenge on Respect

Draw or paint a picture of your chosen person and make a frame to surround it.  On the reverse give 5 reasons why this person is worthy of special respect.  the picture can then be hung in the school challenge gallery.

2018 – 2019

Autumn Term-Christian Value Friendship – Find your Home school Challenge on – Friendship

Winter Term – Compassion – Find your Home School Challenge on – Compassion

Spring Term Christian Home School Values – HOPE  Find your challenge for this term on Hope

Spring Term Christian Home School Value -FORGIVENESS Find your challenge for this term on Forgiveness

Summer Term Christian Home School Value – CREATIVITY Find your challenge for this term on Creativity

Summer Term 2 – HomeSchoolValues-GENEROSITY


R.E wow sessions